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News: 4-28-2011


So, it is time to announce that we have five people to work on the House of Night spite fic, where we pretend that House of Night is a bad fanfic made of a better series. The writers are yemi_hikari , mogseltof  , cecamire , parrinoyed  and palomalee . Here are the things left to be decided.



For example, what are we going to title this?Collapse )


#1 - character profiles


So, I am now starting in on the character page for the House of Night round robin, where we pretend that House of Night is a fanfic for a book much better written and that the Casts are Suethors who took the original work and butchered it for their own self fulfillment.


Zoey Redbird – The question comes, was Zoey simply an OC that the Casts stuck into their 'fanfic', or is she still going to be a 'canon character'. If she is a 'canon character', then she needs to have something that draws a reader to wish fulfill with her. The other question is, do we keep her ethnicity, since that is part of the wish full fulfillment on the Casts part, where Zoey shares the ethnicity of the daughter. How about having her simply have dark skin.


Aphrodite LaFont – She is to be the true protagonist. Should she have some mean girl spunk to her, or should she actually be like Arwen from Lord of the Rings, Ginny from Harry Potter or any of the other really nice girls who are turned into bitches simply because someone wants their way with the fanfic.


Damien Maslin – He is the gay guy in the real series. Should he actually still be gay, and pushed into gay stereotypes in the fanfic despite having a masculine personality, or should he not be gay and pushed into being labeled as gay simply because he is different.


Erik Night – He should be the class hottie. Should he be like Draco Malfoy, where the girls mistake him for being really nice, or should he be like Legolas, a nice guy simply objectified.


Stevie Rae Johnson – She is the stereotypical cowgirl. How to break this one up... have her have an accent, but know nothing about western culture and such?


Neferet - ???


Elliot – A Nevile Longbottom type character? Or some other character that gets misunderstood, like Peter Petigrew.


Definatly open to discussion.

#1 - ???


I came up with this round robin idea from reading the spork of Marked, completed by zelda_queen despite the fact the writing of said series being worse then Meyer's Twilight.


Title: ??? (working title not yet picked)

Fandom: House of Night (book one mostly)

Pairings: ???

Authorsyemi_hikari , mogseltof , cecamire , parrinoyed  and palomalee 

Rating: I am debating between a rating of T and a rating of M. On one side, it would be good to write this satire/spite fic as if it really were meant to be for young adults. On the other, it might not be bad to keep it with the subject matter that is in the story.

Genre: parody/satire, spite fic, romance, vampire/monster and perhaps comedy, crim, fantasy, horror and mystery

Warning: none that I can think of yet... though the book Marked should have PLENTY

Plot: When I read the spork for Marked, I felt like Zoey was the Mary Sue type that we see in fanfiction that usurps everyone and everybody. You know, the kind that turns the true heroine into a bitch simply because they feel Zoey is misunderstood, or they can relate to Zoey, or Zoey is actually an OC created so that the writer can live out their fantasy. So, the idea behind this is to write the story as if Marked is the fanfic of this story. Simple as that.

Length: ???

Character Page: Main Characters



Writer Page: Harry Potter


So, I am starting up the fandom page for Harry Potter. This is kind of trial and error here. This basically gives info on each writer for the fandom, their preferred pairings, pairings they don't like, and other information. The following is the needed information and writers will be listed alphabetically. It can also be used for story ideas for round robins.


Name: Should be obvious. List your LJ account and other accounts that you use. Like fanfiction.net, DA, but only if you want to list them.
What ratings you are willing to write
Preferred Pairings: The pairings you are most comfortable writing.
Disliked Pairings: The pairings you are not comfortable writing.
Genre: The genre you like writing for
Style: First person pov, third person, story within a story
Sensitive Issues: Sensitive issues you are willing to write, if any

Gun Girl: Table of Contents

Title: Gun Girl
Fandom: Original Work
Pairings: Main character and male youkai who is feminine in his ways, for which she makes fun of him early on.
Authors: Yemi Hikari and ???
Rating: I am going to go with T on this one. Apologies for those who are under fourteen...
Genre: action, adventure, fantasy, romance, sci-fi, vampire/monster (youkai)
Warnings: None that I can think of at this point
Plot: The main character is a girl who happens to personally believe that to be a feminist means that a female acts like a male. She ends up with magical girl powers that include having a big gun as her weapon and an outfit that has a tomboyish appearance. She believes that it is her mission to defeat the youkai of Japan and beat all males at every sport. However, the youkai are not the enemy, but the people who awakened her powers are. Every time she defeats a youkai, they gain the power. (working summary) The plot idea came from generating a random page on TV tropes, Small Girl Big Gun.
Length: I would like each chapter to be between 1000 to 2000 in length, but some exceptions can be allowed.

News: 2/1/2010


Archival Accounts:


One of the things I was wondering about is if we should have an archival account for the original fiction and fanfiction that is written here over on fiction press and fanfiction.net. I would likely be in charge of the e-mail account that the accounts were attached too, but I would give the passwords for the account to any staff that happens to be a member of this community.


We would also be listing each chapter with the name of the person who wrote the chapter. We would include their LJ account name, fanfic account name and fiction press name. This is still in the wind though.


There are some rules that would be put in place for this. For example, if someone doesn't want their work posted to the archive account, then it is only fair to comply to their wishes. However, that being said, these fanfics are joint projects. The other rule would be a posting limit per day, so that we were not bumping other stories.




Not really looking for staff just about yet, due to the fact that this is a small community with very few members. However, eventually I'll be needing that, particularly if the top idea goes through.


Recomended Format


Here is the recommended format for a round robin. It is suggested that each round robbin have a table of contents to list the chapters for starters.


Title: Name of the roung robbin
Fandom: Original work is included in this, but here you list all of the fandoms that are going to be included.
Pairings: Any possible pairings, can be changed as needed.
Authors/Chapter Author: For the chapter index, list all of the authors who participate, but for the chapter author, leaving it to just the author writing said chapter is fine

Rating: List the rating
Genre: List all genre that fit
Warnings: List the rating that fits and that the writers will be writing for
Plot: The basic plot so that the writers can know.
Length: Suggested length. Things that can be listed is, the number of different authors allowed, the number of chapters allowed, whether it be thirty chapters, unlimited chapters until the end, two chapters per author, at least two chapters per author, 1000-1500 in chapter length.


Then, the story, journal cut so it doesn't take up room.



Here is the entry to explain how tags will work.


Fandom Tags:


Fandom tags are to identify which fandom something is from. Since I do not yet know what fandoms the people joining will be into, I am going to hold off making the tags until we have two people interested in the same fandom. This is because there is no point in creating a round robin unless you have more then one person participating. Since original work is allowed here, a tag has been created for that.


Original Fiction




Genre tags go without saying. They are there to tag particular entries as being of a certain genre.


Main genre are... action, adventure, comedy, crime, fantasy, historical, horror, myster, parody/satire, romance, sci-fi, slice of life


Sub genre are... mary sue and vampire/monster


Rating Tags:


The rating system works much like it does on fanfiction.net. However, here is a special request of mine. K ratiing means anyone can read it and K+ is for nine and above. T is for thirteen and older, but should be marked as containing adult content for the journals. M is for people sixteen and older, but should be marked as having explicit adult content. If someone thinks there is a better way to do this, then feel free to comment.




These are warnings for sensitive subjects in stories. We have character death, drugs rape, sex, slash, and violence.



Important Info: Rules, recomendations

Indexs: To index information, like what round robbins are there for each fandom, the fandoms that are have round robbins done for them. Please let staff do the indexing.

Table of Contents: Chapter listing for each round robbin.

Character Profiles: Character profiles for more complex works.

News: Any important news.

Rules: Behavior


First thing is first, and that is to lay down some ground rules for the community behavior wise.


Rule One: Respect everyone. One of the major things that we will not have is anything relating to hate messages. Any such messages will be deleted. People who comment are considered reviewers and their opinions should be respected. So, if the chapter you write is pulled apart, don't gripe about it. That being said, while critique will be allowed, flaming will not. There is a difference between the two.


Rule Two: Write to your best ability. Nothing should be posted that is hot-off-the-press.


Rule Three: No character or fandom bashing. It is one thing to correct a flaw in a fandom, or to satire a problem with a character, completely another to let your hatred of a character get in the way of writing what could possibly be a good story.


Rule Four: No OoCness. By that, I don't mean you can't change a characters personality, by that I mean you've got to use real logic when you change a characters personality.


Rule Five: You are writing not as an individual here, but as a group. It is a team effort to write these fanfics. Some will be ones where the story will be outlined, and others will be simply come as it goes.