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Gun Girl: Table of Contents

Title: Gun Girl
Fandom: Original Work
Pairings: Main character and male youkai who is feminine in his ways, for which she makes fun of him early on.
Authors: Yemi Hikari and ???
Rating: I am going to go with T on this one. Apologies for those who are under fourteen...
Genre: action, adventure, fantasy, romance, sci-fi, vampire/monster (youkai)
Warnings: None that I can think of at this point
Plot: The main character is a girl who happens to personally believe that to be a feminist means that a female acts like a male. She ends up with magical girl powers that include having a big gun as her weapon and an outfit that has a tomboyish appearance. She believes that it is her mission to defeat the youkai of Japan and beat all males at every sport. However, the youkai are not the enemy, but the people who awakened her powers are. Every time she defeats a youkai, they gain the power. (working summary) The plot idea came from generating a random page on TV tropes, Small Girl Big Gun.
Length: I would like each chapter to be between 1000 to 2000 in length, but some exceptions can be allowed.