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Gun Girl: Character Profile 1



Name: ???
Gender: Female
Race: Human ???
She is rather flat chested and has green eyes, which she thinks is anti-feminine. Her magical girl outfit is green, comprised of green shorts and a pale green button up shirt and a green vest, with a hat that can be described as ???. She also wears combat boots all the time, even in her outfit. She wears the girls uniform, but the first day of school, she wore the male's uniform and was made fun of, more for the fact that she was very upfront about her definition of what feminism means then for cross dressing.
Powers: The syndicate gives her a whopping big gun, which she uses to shoot down the monsters. The disadvantages of having such a gun are ???.
Attitude: She thinks that women who have big breasts brought it on themselves for falling into feminine ways and things that they should just go be house wives. Later on, she learns that some of these girls are better fighters then her.
Background: Her past consists of ???. She is hired on by the syndicate to take out youkai, but the only ones she's been taking out are the good ones, ones that the syndicate can use once captured to create other powered people, the end goal to take over the world.



Name: ???
Gender: Male
Race: Youkai or half breed...
He is very feminine... his eyes are violet when he is not desquising himself as human, but blue when he is, things that the main character makes fun of
Powers: ???
Attitude: Normally treats girls with respect, but she pushes his limits.
Background: She thinks that he is the bad guy, when in truth he is the leader of the good guys. He hand picks a few girls from her own class to take out the real youkai and to also defeat her. Yeah... it will be a long period of time before these two show any romantic feeling for each other...


Name: ???
Gender: Female
Race: Human ??? Maybe half human cousin of the main male character?
She is known for having the biggest rack in the schools and completely showing that she is femine while at school. However, she is truthfully the best fighter amount the girls
Powers: ??? Perhaps a small weapon, or fans.
Attitude: Polite, but... weakness ???
Background: She is at first hated by main character and thought to be weak.