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News: 4-28-2011


So, it is time to announce that we have five people to work on the House of Night spite fic, where we pretend that House of Night is a bad fanfic made of a better series. The writers are yemi_hikari , mogseltof  , cecamire , parrinoyed  and palomalee . Here are the things left to be decided.



~ Title: The title has yet to be picked and that should be decided before we start posting chapters.

~ Pairings: There comes the question of if we want to make the spite fic have any romance at all, or if we want to have it be Eric/Aphrodite since it seems like Zoey is trying to get with particular pairings.

~ Rating: Should the fanfic actually be written for young adults like House of Night is marketed to, or should it be written at the rating level that it should have been marketed to. This is important as it will decide what Adult Content will be set to for this Round Robin, No Adult Content, Adult Concepts or Explicit Adult Concepts. It honestly depends on what the end goal we want is.

~ Warnings: What possible warning tags should we include.

~ Length: How long do we want to make each chapter. A thousand words, two thousand?

~ Characters: We need to decide where to take each of the original canon characters and decide how they will be presented in the fanfic. See the character page for some of the ideas I've already brainstormed. It isn't cemented in absolute, we're going to do this, this way.

~ Writing Order: I'll be volunteering to write the first chapter since I happened to come up with this idea and that tends to be the hardest one.

~ Where to Start: Simply because there are SO many different ways one can go with this. I mean, do we start with a prolog with the ghosts, Aphrodite's parents, since she is to be the real protagonist. Should she and Zoey know each other at all? Of will it be the first time they meet?


Anyways, once these things are decided upon, even roughly, this can get started. Particularly the title and rating.



May. 13th, 2011 03:46 am (UTC)
/While I personally think that the first three books of Twilight could be called young adult, the things that happen in Marked, the clotiris peircing being mentioned, the blow job and her exposing herself for her teacher crossed the line from 13/14+ territory into 16+ territory./
Yes, I definitely agree. And somehow I hadn't heard of that piercing before. Wouldn't that really hurt?

What exactly do you mean by content like Harry Potter?
May. 13th, 2011 08:28 pm (UTC)
The best way to put it is, think of telivision and movie ratings. If it is something that you've seen in a movie and no one went off on it, then it is safe teritory, but if it is something you would see in an R rated movie, that is meant for an older audience, no go on that.